Life Begins at 55

Age is just a number, all that matters is how happy and healthy you are. Till the age of 50 to 55, you live for your children but after 55 you can start living for yourself. You are happy or…


I am sure, when one thinks of retirement they might feel sad about it that soon they are going to retire and don’t know what is going to be their next plan. But let's think about it in a positive…

5 Golden Rules to Get Your Retirement Planning on Track

What comes to your mind immediately when you think about the word “Retirement”? Usually, people think about leisure, seven-day weekends, sleeping till noon, living by nature and having vacations A happy retirement is no longer about resting and viewing the…

Myth Vs Truth about Senior Living Community

Most of us have a brief idea about house for senior citizen. Many believe that a retirement home is similar to a nursing home or an old age home. But both of them are very different options for older adults.  …

Tips for Better and Healthy Life

“Health is Wealth”. Everyone might have read or listened to this line at least once in the lifetime. Money is always necessary to have a good life but to have better life health plays an important role. It’s not important…

Run a Care Free Life with Manasum

Everyone should have a carefree life after retirement and, it’s still a dream to many people. People should leave all the worries behind and live happily with their loved ones when they reach a certain age. But, because for many…

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