I am sure, when one thinks of retirement they might feel sad about it that soon
they are going to retire and don’t know what is going to be their next plan. But
let's think about it in a positive way, retirement is that phase of life where you can
again sit back and relax, travel around the world, relive your hobbies, take good
care of your health and much more. There are times when they are more likely to
suffer from mental health issues or experience social isolation. This is why it’s
important that after retirement one must think about fun activities which will
keep them engaged and fit too. 
Here are the few fun hobbies one must cultivate after retirement:
a. Gardening:
Most of the senior citizens like gardening, it’s a wonderful exercise for the
mind and the body. It also reduces anxiety and stress among senior
citizens. Apart from all this, it’s a perfect way to spend their time doing
something productive. 
b. Yoga:
It is a perfect way for senior citizens to keep themselves healthy and active.
To keep yourself mentally and physically fit yoga is the best option as it
helps you to get rid of stress. 
c. Join a Community: 
Senior citizens always love to interact with people and stay socially
connected. So when they join a community or a club they meet new people
and connect with the outer world with a group of similar interests.
d. Meditation:
Older people most likely to suffer from loneliness and depression, so in this
case, only meditation can be the best support. Meditation is an ideal
exercise that will keep their mental health calm.
All the above points will help your parents or grandparents have a healthy life after
retirement. Manasum has all the high-class amenities starting from 24*7 ambulance
service, Physiotherapy centre, In-house nursing facility, wheelchair friendly doors
and every other thing which is highly necessary for the senior citizens.

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