Myth Vs Truth about Senior Living Community

Most of us have a brief idea about house for senior citizen. Many believe that a retirement home is similar to a nursing home or an old age home. But both of them are very different options for older adults.  

Today retired homes focus hugely on an excellent senior lifestyle. Families of retired people often visit Manasum which helps them to debunk the myths which they have believed about a senior community lifestyle. 

Here are some of the myths debunked with realities and many of these myths are created due to bad experiences at poorly maintained senior living communities. 

Myth – I’ll Lose My Independence at a Senior Living Community.

Reality – Many people have the misconception of living independently with living on their own. Life in a retired home can be as independent as you want it. Retired people don’t have any restrictions on where they can go or what they can do. Retirement communities like Manasum are filled with amenities and activities that give you infinite possibilities for fun and relaxation your way. 

Myth – I’ll Have to Give Up My Favorite Hobbies.

Reality – Without the time-consuming tasks of home maintenance, you’ll have a lot of time to spend on the things you love to do. If you love antiquing you can enjoy complimentary transportation to the local shops. If you like to carry a camera around find other residents who share the same interests and plan a day trip to go take photos together. Never think about old age housing as a boring and dull livelihood. Residents at Manasum enjoy daily recreational and leisure activities that keep them rejuvenated and engaged. 

Myth – Retirement Home Is More Expensive Than Living at Home.

Reality – People looking into retirement homes are often surprised by the monthly fees or overall rates. But the costs completely depend upon the size of the apartment and the levels of care you choose. If you compare the average cost of senior living with the same services and support at home it is comparatively less. In a senior living community, everything is included like insurance, taxes, repairs, utilities, emergency expenses, etc. in one convenient rate. A retirement home in bangalore includes entertainment, social events, housekeeping services, and care support all you needed right at your fingertips. 

Myth – I Won’t Be Able to See My Friends as Frequently.

Reality – Senior living communities like Manasum are visitor-friendly. From common areas to private suites there is a lot of space to accommodate guests. Friends are always welcome to join you in an activity or stop by for lunch or coffee. It doesn’t mean that your social life has to end just because of your residence changes. Truly, many prefer to move to a senior living community because they want to have a rich social life. 

Myth – Meals Are Plain and Unappetizing.

Reality – One of the benefits of apartments for senior citizens is the flexibility to choose from multiple nutritious meals each day, and also the inclusion of different cuisines with snacks and beverages. Everyday meals are prepared in a healthy way where hygiene is the utmost priority. Every meal is prepared with fresh ingredients some of them are grown in the community itself.

Myth – I Won’t Have Any Privacy at a Community.

Reality – Residents at Manasum have the choice of how much they want to spend alone each day. You will be having your private suite to stay in and spend time as you like. Your privacy is respected by all staff members and other residents of the retired home. Everyone understands and likes an environment where privacy is concerned. Whenever you feel like socializing you just have to step outside.

Manasum consists of 110 premium luxury retirement homes with world-class amenities for people who are willing to spend a peaceful life after retirement. It is a senior-friendly community and is the best place for independent seniors where care and compassion are provided in abundance. You can choose apartments available from 575 sq ft – 750 sq ft dimensions. All the units consist of 1Bath, Hall, and Kitchen (1BHK). By offering outstanding services Manasum cares for each and everyone’s needs. If you are planning to live a carefree life in old age housing after retirement then you should consider living in Manasum.  

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